zondag 21 juli 2013

Harry styles and Justin Bieber

Harry was alone at home sitting in his underwear with morning wood and he was getting really bored sohe took his iphone and texted Justin to come over.
He sended to justin "hey justin got somthing to do today ? if not maybe you can come over?"
It didn't took long or justin replied that's fine by me i will be there in an hour.
when harry read this he was starting to panic because he needed to get ready and look smoking hot because he had a crush on justin for 2 years now. so he pulled his underwear out revealing his 8 inch soft tanned sweaty cock
He ran to the shower and his cock was bouncing up and down . he was getting so horny whit the thought that justin was comming over and maybe wearing somthing where you could see his penis trough.he was getting horny and started to finger his but and started moaning JUSTINN!! while he was doing this he wasn't paying attention to the clock . So when he stepped out of the shower justin arived in his sweet menly car. justin screamed harry his name but harry didn't answer cause he didn't hear it because he was blowdrying his hair and pubic hair so justin went upstairs he pushed the door open and there was harry standing naked .

justin fast closed the door and thought to himself oo dam the penis of him is delicious!!!justin dick was bulgin out of his pants and he removed all his clothes and went standing behind the door.
afther 3 minutes waiting harry walked out and justin grabbed harry by his arm pulled him against his sweaty muscled boddy and started kissing him dick to dick .
harry said oooh justin i loved you a long time from now i want your dick . harry kissed justin and moved down to his dick and started sucking it and blowing justin's 10inch cock.
justin was  maoning realy loud "oooooo harry aaaaaaaah blow me you slut i love your lips around my dick!! justin pulled harry back up . harry jumped in justin arms and justin walked to te bedroom and threw harry on the bed and said "fuck me harry i want your cum deep in me .
Justin made harry realy horny by saying that and harry jumped on justin kissed him and said "get ready for the best fuck ever. he penetraded justin's ass and went all the way!
justin said : " ooooo harry your so big hmmm i love it go faster!!!!"
harry :  "mmmm your so thight aaaah fuck mate i love your ass!!!"
they wher fucking for 20 minutes like this and where al sweaty the sweat from justin dripped on harry and justin licked it up from Harry's nipple.
harry : "JUSTIN I'M GONNA CUM!!!!!!!! "
harry shooted 9 loads of cum in justin and 3 loads in justin's hair
harry: "ohh sorry mate i didn't mean to do that"
justin : " doesn't matter i want it everywhere"
harry blow justin deeptroath whit the hole dick in his mouth.
justin : "fuck harry i'm gonna cum "
at the same time he said this he came in Harry's mouth and harrie swallowed it all
harry : "hmm Justine it tasted like  candy!"
justin kisted harry to taste it.
justin : "hmm it does taste good , but i need to go now can i get an underwear from you because mine is dirty and full cum "
harry gave him a pink underwear here you go.
justin putted it on and his dick was bulging out .
harry : "hmm i just love your monster cock! "
justin : ty i love your shaved balls and cock"
justin leaved the room and went to his car harry follow him and by the door he said maybe we can do this more often .
justin : "hmm that  would be fun"
justin pulled his pants down common put it in i know you want it harry stuck his dick in justin ass one time realy deep and slow ooooh mate i love you!
they kissed and justin left and tought mmmm next time i'm gonna be on top and rip him appart .
harry went upstairt to clean up the room he found the boxer of justin sniffed it and licked the cum out of it and putted the boxer on hmm it's so warm and he fell in sleep whit it.
hope you Guy's liked it !!! make sure to follow me and leave a comment of who you want me to make a storrie about . ty and byeee!